Advancing the science
of healing

The damage and disfigurement caused by serious burns, major soft tissue trauma and disease can be life-changing. It can also be costly…

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Ground-breaking research

Blond McIndoe has been at the forefront of great scientific discovery for over half a century. Our current priorities are advancing burns and wound healing…

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An inspiring history

From New Zealand to London, Marks and Spencer to plastic surgery and Guinea Pigs to gangsters, the Blond McIndoe Foundation has a colourful and inspiring history…

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Remembering Jack Perry

Guinea Pig Club President
25.07.25 – 07.08.17
A story that captures the essence of this amazing man…

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NHS publish first aid advice for acid attacks

Advice includes online guidance and support for victims as well as friends or family of people affected by burns…

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Mike’s Story

“I think it’s the three way partnership between the patient, surgeons and people behind the scenes doing the research which helps us to heal better, quicker and ease the pain.”